Azerbaijani BTB Bank starts to cooperate with LEADER Payment System

6 February

Due to collaboration between LEADER Payment System and BTB Bank, one of the most fast-growing banks in Azerbaijan, the number of LEADER’s customer service points in Azerbaijan reached about 1,000.
Our clients may send money transfers to relatives and friends in Azerbaijan from 130 countries of LEADER Payment System’s presence. It’s possible to send rubles, US dollars or euros. If currencies of sent and received money transfers differ from each other, sender's commission for money transfer will be 0%. Recipients may receive money transfers or send them to any country of LEADER Payment System’s presence in any BTB Bank’s office in Azerbaijan. We also offer the opportunity to enroll money transfer to the recipient's bank card.
BTB Bank (JSC) was established in 2010. The Bank provides services to companies and individuals such as loans, deposits, operations with plastic cards, international money transfers etc.  Website: