Transfer of monetary funds with free details for the replenishment of accounts of legal entities, which were opened in banks of the Russian Federation

Transfer fee: 1%, but not less than 50 rubles

Transfer with free details via e-wallet Leomoney

1.      Select the section «Banking services» in the personal cabinet of e-wallet Leomoney.

2.      Next, select «Replenishment of accounts of legal entities».

3.      Fill in the required fields and click «Next». There is no need to type the name and details of the Bank where the account is opened, the System will determine it automatically from BIC number.

4.      Enter the transfer amount, the System will automatically calculate the fee for the transfer and the total transaction amount. Check transfer details.

5.      Confirm the transfer by clicking on the button «Pay».

6.      Keep transactionreceipt.


Transfer with free details in customer service point

1. Tell the operator that You want to make a transfer on a bank account with free details.
2. In order to perform the operation You will need a passport (or another identity document) and account details.
3. Tell the transfer amount and dispense cash in the cashier.
4. Sign the application on transfer implementation, which is executed by the operator.