Cooperation offer

We invite banks and money transfer companies around the world for mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of money transfers and payments of individuals through the International Money Transfers LEADER.

Currently the International Money Transfers LEADER is one of the most dynamic systems on the market for remittances for the Russian Federation and CIS countries. The system of International Money Transfers LEADER is one of five leading money transfer systems operating on the territory of CIS countries.

The geography of transfer system LEADER covers Russia, CIS countries, Baltic countries, Georgia and far abroad. The current members of Leader are more than 350 credit institutions, money transfer companies and other financial institutions. We are rapidly expanding, erasing the borders!

Our opportunities for you:

  • Remittances
  • Self-service terminal processing:
    • payment services
    • loan and the interest repayments issued by your bank, replenishment of bank card accounts in service locations and terminals of LEADER (on-line or off-line).
    • Technological payments solutions in benefit of your customers (utilities, budget organizations, tour operators, etc.), where the Bank act as a clearing bank.

We offer your Bank a wide range of money transfers and payment services:

  • Through a cash points;
  • through self-service terminals;
  • through bank accounts using a remote customer service software (the bank-client, etc.).

Why the cooperation with the leader of beneficial for you?

  • You provide clients with a convenient and quality service:
    • addressless money transfer – money transfer available at any Leader location of the recipient country;
    • low attractive prices for customers - from 0,5%;
    • instant speed transfers;
    • transfers in rubles, U.S. dollars, euros, as well as in national currencies of the Parties;
    • free SMS and e-mail information from the sender and the recipient;
    • marketing campaigns;
    • track the status of transaction in real time via the System Internet site;
    • the possibility to transfer money to a beneficiary bank or card account;
    • customer support free telephone number for Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

  • You increase your commission income (particularly relevant in the current world economic situation) – The Leader gives you a high share of compensation in comparison with similar systems;
  • we provide free software system for money transfer and payment services that meet all your needs:
    • High level of security (multi-level system of protection, IP filtering, double signatures);
    • Automatic Compliance control.

  • Our technology will help to reduce the cost of transfers in 5 times or more and thereby increase the turnover of transfer and commission income:
    • The system is implemented in the docking with the ABS participating bank with the choice of formatting the data
    • using the customer's card transfer takes only 2-3 minutes.

  • We will ensure rapid deployment and connection to the system "turnkey" in 1 - 3 days;
  • We will carry out the integration of LEADER ABS banking software with the partner software with the choice of formatting the discharged data;
  • You will receive an extensive marketing support. We also did not forget about our operators - for them we are offering an exclusive loyalty program - LEADER-BONUS;
  • At your service - LEADER Clearing Center

We will be happy to answer your questions and provide more complete information about the Leader and our services, as well as to conduct personal negotiations and demonstrate our system.