Payments collecting through the Terminal Processing

We offer a terminal processing connected to which you can accept payments for mobile and wire operator providers, IP-telephone, cable and satellite television, Internet providers, as well as utilities, banking, Leader System money transfers, tour operators and many others. This modern high-yield business requires a little financial and time expense.

A participant may receive payments both in a standard module and through the terminals. For accepting payments participant receives a commission from the LEADER. The participants set their own tariffs for customers when receiving payments through the terminals and Leader software.

Leader System implements unique projects for payments receiving for traffic police (Moscow, Samara, Tambov, Serpukhov, etc.), courts, FAS, community organizations, etc.

In order to establish and expand the terminal network NCO JSC LEADER may recommend a number of manufacturers of self-service terminals, which have successfully been certified for compatibility with the LEADER software complex and the quality of the equipment supplied. We offer leasing from the company partner on the competitive condition.

Self-service terminals software benefits:

Terminal part:
  • Separate access to the technical menu for the administrator, technicians, and collectors;
  • a separate configuration for each participant;
  • terminal information logs;
  • program GPRS-connection works with any mobile operator, multi-SIM carts, two SIM card devices, local connection;
  • duplicate receipt printing for any payment;
  • payments return receipt printing;
  • daily reports on the amounts received and sent to the server;
  • formation of an electronic data of the collection and possibility of sending it to the server;
  • working with the on-line processing in order to get the requisites and operators commissions;
  • possibility to show promo ads on the main and additional screens;
  • monitoring of the terminal equipment condition and its connection. Sending data to the server.
Server part:
  • a wide range of service providers;
  • the chance of payments in favor of providers not represented in the Leader system of any difficulty on-line, off-line (budget organizations, local utilities, Internet service providers, etc.);
  • universal gateway for connecting various systems;
  • commission management at the terminals separately for each part: terminal operator, type of payment;
  • the ability to configure the commissions in terminals: Min,%, max, as well as differentiating the fees;
  • the possibility of limiting the amount of payment - min or max;
  • an ability to set the commission on a specific date and time;
  • has the ability to unload the data of payments for each member of the system separately in the txt, xls, xml, doc formats, downloading the ABS participants;
  • the possibility of data exchanging with Diasoft software through Server-Transfer.