The state organizations

The LEADER system implements projects for the payments collection of individuals without accounts opening in favor of public institutions.
Then settlement center is the NCO JSC LEADER (CBR license number 3304-K).

The advantages of our system:

  • Walking distance services for the clients;
  • Convenience - payments are made in the Leader locations in the banks and self-service terminals;
  • A great experience with various technologies in receiving and recording payments of any complexity (Traffic Safety State Inspection, registry office, the courts, Federal Migration Services, HO A, tour operators, etc.);
  • Simplified procedure for payments collecting;
  • On-line payment confirmation.

Working projects:

  • Payment receiving on behalf of traffic police. (Fines, vehicle state inspection, registration in Moscow, Moscow region, Samara region, etc.)
  • FMS, Moscow, Samara region
  • Courts, Moscow
  • Registry offices, Moscow
  • Utilities (HOA), Moscow

We will be happy to answer your questions and provide more complete information about the Leader system and our services, as well as to have a personal meeting and demonstrate our system.

Are you interested?

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